8888677771 | Adil Khan Durrani lashes out at Rakhi Sawant’s Mysore drama, says “I want her to come to court and end this drama, I am fed up”

Adil Khan Durrani and Rakhi Sawant‘s media trial over their feud has now taken a new turn. Rakhi recently visited Mysore for the launch of her Biopic. She revealed that the makers have approached Alia Bhatt and Vidya Balan for her Biopic. Also, the producers Shaily and Shahbaaz gifted a car to Rakhi.

Rakhi’s post alleging that Adil took money from Zakeer

She further made an entry on a JCB for the press meet. She later shared pictures of Adil dealing in money with someone named Zakeer and wrote, ” Shame on you Adil taking money from Zakeer Bhai.Now you are telling him he is Jokar, shame on you. Adil Mysore people have helped you and you are taking money. This is the proof of a picture.”

Adil Khan: Rakhi has leaked my nude pics; if anything happens to me she will be responsible

They gifted Rakhi a second-hand car it’s not worth Rs 41 Lakhs

Now, Adil addressed the media to give his clarification on Rakhi’s recent allegations and statements. Adil said, “Did you find my three wives there? That is what Rakhi had told you all. I have three wives hidden in Mysore. Did you see any new proof against me? The car that they gifted her is a second-hand model. Let me tell you all it is not worth Rs 41 Lakhs but barely around Rs 4 Lakhs or so. It is a 2008 model so she cannot even drive it out. She will have to scrap it anyway.”

Rakhi has ruined my whole life

Rakhi fooled all the paps and left them hungry in Mysore. She has ruined my whole life. She is dancing in that bulldozer. She had recently posted a photo of me taking money. Does this look like I am taking money or giving them? I never said that I didn’t know Zakeer bhai, and I didn’t even call Rakhi Joker but she had to use this as well for her media attention.

Rakhi is a big thug, now she is doing a dowry case on me

The amount she is claiming that I took from these people, has she ever seen such huge money in reality? Rakhi is a big thug, she brought in my friends and others to stand against me. She is now filing a dowry case against me in Mysore court. Firstly, she has never met my parents. Our marriage is null and void so how can she file a case against me?

I am paying for her routine needs

She has no evidence against me, just fake allegations. There are so many news articles and complaints against Rakhi herself. I am literally paying for all her routine needs. I paid her gym’s bill, her cafe’s bills and all. I want her to come to the court and end this matter. I am just fed up with all her drama. I have lost my patience with her.

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