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His skin care regimen, his favourite food and that inevitable poser – why isn’t he married? Rahul Gandhi was subjected to a host of questions by women students in Jaipur and gamely answered them all, saying he remains a bachelor because he is “completely entangled” in his work and the Congress.

A video of Gandhi’s interaction with students from Jaipur’s Maharani College was released on his social media platforms on Tuesday. The discussion veered from issues such as the caste census and the role of women in the freedom struggle to the need for financial independence and candid queries about his likes and dislikes.

“You are so smart and good looking… why have you not thought about marriage?” one woman asked the 53-year-old former Congress president. “Because I am completely entangled in my work and in the Congress party,” was the prompt answer.

Asked about his favourite cuisine, Gandhi said he is fine with everything except bitter gourd, peas and spinach.

His favourite destination, he said, is “anywhere I have not gone”. “I always like to see new places.”

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Gandhi was also asked what he applies on his skin. The answer — he never applies cream or soap on his face and only washes it with water.

According to Gandhi, the role of women in the freedom struggle was no less than men so why should they have less rights. He spoke at length about financial autonomy for women. “Women are never actually explained about how money works, how power works, what money is,” Gandhi said when asked about discrimination against women in society.

“You have been studying since the last 20 years but no one has told you that this is money, this is its definition… why?” A student replied that women would be independent when they learnt this and that is why they are not taught about it. “If a woman has a job but does not understand money, that won’t work. If a woman doesn’t have a job but understands money, that is a powerful thing. If women don’t understand these things, then they are always dependent on a man who either has a job or understands these things,” he said. According to Gandhi, the role of women in the freedom struggle was no less than men so why should they have less rights.

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During the interaction on September 23, Gandhi was also reminded of a famous meme involving him where he says, “Khatam, tata, bye-bye”. Sometimes, he responded, one has to say such things. He then pointed to his team, adding that they were putting pressure on him to end the interaction and said, “Khatam, tata, bye-bye”.

Asked what he would be if not a politician, he said, “I’m actually many things. I am a teacher. I teach youngsters…I am a cook. So, I am multiple things. That is a complicated thing to put across.” Gandhi has been interacting with various sections of society — from mechanics and porters to students and carpenters — asserting that his Bharat Jodo Yatra he undertook from Kanyakumari to Kashmir continues with these interactions.

He recently also visited Ladakh and met various social groups.

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