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Actor Kiran Kumar spoke warmly about the iconic Rekha, with whom he was rumoured to be in a relationship in the 1970s. He said that they haven’t crossed paths in a long time, and that he has no desire to reach out to her. But, he said in a new interview, she is somebody that he will ‘always cherish’.

Speaking to Siddharth Kannan, Kiran Kumar said that he can’t say that she individually left an impact on him as a human being, but that every woman that he has ‘met’ in his life has helped him evolve in one way or another. Asked about comments made by Rekha in a 1975 issue of Stardust magazine, about Kiran being a ‘mumma’s boy’ who likes having a glass of milk before bed, the actor said, “Rekha ji is a lovely person, she has a heart of gold and the face of a diva, I fail to understand how she can manage to look the way she looks now, after all these years. She’s a person I have a lot of reverence for. I haven’t crossed paths with her in a long time, but she’s somebody whom I’ll always cherish in my heart, that’s it.”

Asked how she helped him evolve as a person, he said, “Nobody has helped me grow. I’m responsible for my own growth… All the women I’ve met in my life, each one has helped me evolve as a person. All of them. There isn’t one person in particular who has made me grow. My successes are my own, my failures are own. I won’t attribute them to anybody.”

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He admitted that he would ‘love to talk to her’, but he hasn’t had the opportunity to. “I don’t want to get in touch with her. I don’t want to call her up and say, ‘Ma’am, I want to meet you’. I don’t want to do that. She has her own life, and I have mine. If destiny desires, we will meet and talk as friends. That woman has a heart of gold, dil ki sona hain woh.”

He was also asked about comments that he made in the same 1975 issue of Stardust, about getting annoyed with Rekha when she’d imitate one of his ex-girlfriends. He said, “Nothing like this ever happened. I don’t even know who this ex-girlfriend could have been. I don’t know anything about this. She is too big a person to do that. She would never demean somebody. She never did anything like this, nor would she ever do it in the future.”

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In that Stardust magazine issue, which resurfaced on Reddit recently, Kiran had apparently said that he gets annoyed when Rekha mimics his ex-girlfriend’s voice on phone calls. “And then, when I’m sweet to her, she gets mad,” he said. Rekha, on the other hand, had said that she is annoyed by his ‘dutiful son’ personality, and his insistence at returning home by 10 pm to have ‘a glass of milk’. “Haven’t I had enough mama’s boys,” she asked. Their comments were carried in a feature about celebrity couples and their pet peeves about their partners.

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