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KOLKATA: A city-based businessman living at Tiljala has filed an FIR and sought legal aid from the ministry of home affairs after discovering that his wife of 14 years is a Bangladeshi national with a fraudulent Indian passport.
According to his lawyer, he came to know about this after his wife made a case under Section 498A against him.
In the complaint, she alleged that she had suffered the miscarriage of her second child due to the trauma and cruelty she suffered at the hands of her husband.
The businessman’s lawyer claimed that a birth certificate from a West Burdwan nursing home and proof of survival of the couple’s second child showed that there was something wrong with the wife’s claims. The lawyer said that during the couple’s estrangement, there were rumours in the locality that led the man to suspect that his wife was not from UP, as she had claimed, but was a Bangladeshi national.
According to the husband’s advocate, Shayan Sachin Basu, “We have found that the wife’s school certificate from Uttar Pradesh and proof of citizenship were made fraudulently. She is currently absconding with the two children she has with my client. We had reason to believe that she would have wanted to travel to the US where her brother lives. So, we made it a priority to first invalidate her passport so that she didn’t obtain a visa.”
The two met at a marriage ceremony in Uttar Pradesh and got married in 2009, the lawyer said.
The man registered an FIR against the wife at Tiljala police station for offences under Section 14A(b) of Foreigner’s Act and Section 12 of Passport Act, along with several counts of the Indian Penal Code.
In response to a Right to Information application, the husband received a letter from the ministry of home affairs (foreign division) in May, stating that “the office has received inputs that the passport holder is a Bangladeshi national and holder of a Bangladeshi passport. She obtained an Indian passport fraudulently.”
Revoking her passport under the provisions of Section 10(3)(b) of the Passport Act (1967), the ministry further revealed that in her bio-data, the wife stated that she studied in Canada from 2007 to 2009, but she applied for a fresh passport in 2020.
The ministry has also sent a letter to the Canadian university, where the woman claimed to have studied, for further clarification.

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