8888677771 | Former Myanmar Teacher, Now Begging On Streets Of Chennai, Gets Help From Content Creator

Content creator Mohamed Ashik with Merlin.

Life is full of uncertainties, and it’s a journey filled with both ups and downs. Unexpected challenges can arise at any moment. But acts of kindness and support from good-hearted people can provide hope, comfort, and a sense of belonging to those facing difficult circumstances.

Recently, a digital content creator, Mohamed Ashik, encountered an elderly woman begging on the streets. This woman had previously worked as a teacher in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and had relocated to Chennai, India, following her marriage. Touched by her situation, Mohamed Ashik stepped in to help Merlin, the elderly woman, by facilitating her transition to an elderly care facility.

Mohamed also shared a video of her interaction with Merlin on his social media page. In the video, Merlin recounts her journey from Myanmar to India and how a series of unfortunate events led her to lose all those dear to her, ultimately forcing her into a situation where she had no choice but to live on the streets.

Watch the video here:

In order to assist her in escaping her distressing circumstances, Mohammed created an Instagram account for Merlin to teach English to people. Remarkably, her Instagram account has already garnered 5.67 lakh followers. Furthermore, Merlin has been relocated to an elderly care facility, providing her with a more stable and comfortable environment.

The power of the internet worked its wonders, and one of Merlin’s former students recognized her, reaching out through a video call to reconnect.

Merlin’s video has garnered an astonishing 30 million views, sparking widespread discussions and reactions on social media platforms as people share their thoughts and feelings about it.

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