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Swara Bhaske recently experienced a heartwarming surprise in the form of a baby shower, organised by her husband and Samajwadi Party leader, Fahad Ahmad, along with their friends and family. The actress shared her excitement on social media, posting photos and videos from the surprise event and expressing her complete unawareness of the plan.

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In one video clip, Swara’s surprised reaction is evident as she entered a beautifully decorated room filled with smiling and cheering guests. One particularly cute snapshot captured Swara and Fahad posing with balloons that read ‘Mommy and Papa.’ The couple also shared moments of cutting a cake and taking pictures with their friends and family who were present on the occasion.

Swara expressed her gratitude to her friends and husband, saying, “I love surprises! Last week, one of my oldest friends @samar_narayen & the amazing @laks7 and Fahad gave me the sweetest surprise in the form a baby shower that they managed to plan and execute without me getting even a whiff of it! I was sooooo clueless I arrived in pajamas! Ok not quite.. but I didn’t catch on till I caught @kaushikmoitra & @priyatnabasu arriving outside & then too I was merely confused!”

In a previous interview with Brides Today, Swara Bhasker had shared insights into her relationship with Fahad. She mentioned their reluctance to give relationship advice since their marriage was still in its early stages, stating, “I don’t want to give advice because our relationship is very new. But I think what enabled us to be together was that we accepted that we come from different worlds. In India, love comes with a lot of societal pressure. Young couples in India have to battle caste, class, and religion… But if you love each other, then fight the fear.”

Swara Bhasker and politician Fahad Ahmad crossed paths in early 2020 during the Anti-CAA protests. After dating for a while, they tied the knot in February 2023. In June, Swara announced her pregnancy by sharing some beautiful pictures of the couple.

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