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Despite being a part of numerous significant projects spanning different film industries in the country, Priyamani has also faced unwarranted criticism, particularly focused on her age and appearance.

Referring to these incidents, Priyamani pointed out that such criticisms are typically directed at women. “When men get older, nobody tells them that they are 50 or 40-year-old uncles. When women hit 30 or 35, they start calling us aunties. But that’s okay because they are not realising, that tomorrow they will also cross this age,” she told Bollywood Bubble, adding that she has learned not to pay attention to such trolls anymore.

“I proudly say that I am a 39-year-old very good-looking girl who is very comfortable in her shoes and her body. I find myself hot. If others do or not, that’s absolutely fine. No issues,” she remarked.

Priyamani, however, acknowledged that such personal attacks do affect her emotionally, but added that she has made a deliberate choice not to respond to them. She said she believes that reacting to such attacks only gives those responsible a brief moment of attention and fame. She mentioned, “Earlier, I used to feel why I was being unnecessarily targeted. I have never said it doesn’t bother me. However, I don’t give it much importance.”

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“Initially, I used to feel very agitated thinking ‘why me?’ But then I realised, whatever you do, because you are in this line, people will always have something to say, good or bad,” she observed.

She also noted that the only instances when such comments hurt her are when they are directed at her family. She explained, “It’s become less now than what it was before when I announced my engagement and marriage. If you want to attack me, absolutely fine. You like me or hate me, no problem. But, don’t take it out on my family.”

After the success of Atlee Kumar’s Jawan, featuring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role, Priyamani is currently gearing up for the release of the Tamil actioner Quotation Gang, in which she will star alongside Sunny Leone and Jackie Shroff.

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