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Actor Kajol has been married to Ajay Devgn for over 24 years now, but she has never ‘sought’ his validation when it comes to her work. In fact, the couple never talks about acting or movies at home, since they have a lot on their plate to discuss as a husband and wife.

In a new interview, Kajol revealed that her husband doesn’t even watch a lot of her work, though she watches a lot of his. But, she said, this doesn’t bother her. “I don’t seek validation in that respect from him,” Kajol told Film Companion.

Asked if they ever give each other acting tips, Kajol gave an instant no. She said, “We’re both very secure as people. So, we have never gone to each other and said, ‘Oh you know, do this scene this way’. We never do that. We just never talk about it. We have so much else to talk about, ‘Do bachche hain, ghar hai, do kutte hain, chaar gaadi hain (We have two children, a house, two dogs and four cars)’ So, so much comes in between, that we do not get time to talk about the movies or acting.”

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Kajol and Ajay have starred together in many hit films, some of which are directed by Ajay himself. For Kajol, being directed by her husband on a film set has been “awesome,” and she wants to do many more projects under his direction. “He’s one of the best directors that I’ve ever worked with, and I keep telling him, ‘You need to take me back into your movie again, we need to do a film together.’ He has to find the perfect script for that, which he hasn’t come across yet,” shared Kajol.

But hasn’t Devgn’s passion for directing movies ever convinced Kajol to take the director’s chair herself? Kajol said, “I want to run in the other direction when I see him with his movies because he becomes so obsessed with it. I never want to be that obsessed with anything or any particular thing that will take over my life for such a long period of time. It’s too much of a commitment. I’ve gotten married once. I can’t get married again and again to different scripts.”

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Kajol is currently basking in the success of her debut web series, The Trial, which is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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