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Naseeruddin Shah is known for his acting prowess, but when asked who is his favourite actor, he took Dara Singh and Shammi Kapoor’s names. Calling Shammi’s technique of acting in his songs unique, Naseeruddin shared he was completely in awe of the late actor.

In an interview with Nikhil Taneja on his chat show Be A Man Yaar, Naseeruddin said that even though he doesn’t consider Shammi to be a “great actor”, he still loved him the most.

“I just loved him. Why do we love? There is no apparent reason for it,” said the actor, adding, “Because the way he used to sing, I don’t think any other Indian artiste has been able to do it. And the mischief he had, and the energy he had, and the originality he had. Even in his songs, his performance is original.”

Naseeruddin Shah, who is currently seen in SonyLIV’s Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley, found Shammi Kapoor’s style of acting in songs interesting.

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“He will never point to the heart. He will never do gestures like (enacts you, me, the sky). Such illustrative gestures. He will do something more abstract, which fits perfectly with the rhythm. Which I find fascinating. And no other actor has been able to do it,” he said.

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During the interview, Naseeruddin Shah also spoke about Dara Singh He shared, “I have seen all his films. I didn’t believe that a film could be this bad. But I used to watch everything because I was fascinated because he was the first person in India who went from being an athlete to an actor.”

Though the actor watched all the movies of Dara, he never aspired to be like him. “Even in childhood, I always watched films of Dara Singh, but I never wanted to be like him. We liked him because he was a legend,” said Naseeruddin.

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