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Ratna Pathak Shah and Naseeruddin Shah’s love story could rival any cinematic plot. Their journey began in the world of theatre, where their connection swiftly bloomed into a profound love. In a recent conversation, Ratna spoke about how agreeing to marry Shah was a ‘fluke,’ how their marriage wasn’t a conventional one and why Shah’s past never bothered her.

In her interview with Humans Of Bombay, Ratna spoke about the time she met Shah for the first time. She said, “Were doing a play together. It was precisely called ‘Sambhog Se Sannyas Tak.’ We pretty soon realised we want to be together. We were stupid, we didn’t ask too many questions. Today people ask all the right questions. We were like, ‘This sounds good, let’s just try.’ and it worked out. It was total fluke. Can’t claim any credit for it. It just worked out.”

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While Naseeruddin Shah had a previous marriage, Ratna expressed that his past held no sway over her feelings. She said, “I was not concerned with his past life, I was in love. He had been separated from his ex-wife for a very long time. Meanwhile, he had many other relationships. That also seemed like history. Then I arrived, as long as I am the last, I am okay.”

Talking about her unconventional married life with Shah, she said, “It was nothing like the married-life number that I saw with my other friends. A week later after our marriage, we went to the honeymoon and came back in between, Naseer started shooting for Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. I didn’t see him for days on end. That was the most amazingly difficult shoot. Naseer would go and come back after three days and I didn’t even know if he was alive, dead or run away with somebody (laughs). It was crazy that time.”

Naseer and Ratna got married in 1982. They have previously discussed the difficulties they faced in convincing their parents of their love, as Ratna’s family initially had reservations about Naseer’s previous marriage.

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