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Veteran actor Saira Banu, who recently made her Instagram debut, often shares anecdotes and throwback pictures with her followers. On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, Banu shared a video of herself singing the song ‘Kanha’ from her movie Shagird. She mentioned that it was a coincidence that they had filmed the song on the same day as the festival.

Banu shared that they were shooting at Filmistan Studios along with the actor Nazir Hussain. At the same time, Nazir was also working in Chennai with Dilip Kumar on the film ‘Ram Aur Shyam.’

She explained that since they had date issues, Nazir would shoot with her at night and then quickly fly to work with Dilip Kumar. Nazir treated her like family, and they got along well on set. On Janmashtami night, while singing a bhajan in front of a lovely Lord Krishna statue with Lataji’s melodious voice in the playback, Saira revealed what she told the actor. 

She said, “I turned to Nazir sahab and with a mischievous smile on my face asked him for a favour! “You are working with Dilip Sahab, Oh! you are so lucky enough to be working with Dilip Sahab, please request him that Saira is dying to work with him and if he doesn’t do this then ask him to marry me!”

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Banu shared that Nazir was left ‘dumb-struck’ and then had a good laugh. The following morning, Nazir traveled to Madras and passed on her message to the Dilip.

The actor concluded, “Dilip Sahab, I am told, gracefully smiled and acknowledged my cheeky message, to probably cover his embarrassment — although I think you could have knocked him down with a feather. Wonder of wonders we finished the Janmashtami song and can you believe it within the next few days it so happened that Dilip Sahab walked into my life, gazed into my eyes and asked my grandmother and mother for my Hand in marriage. This was nothing short of a miracle.”

Banu and Dilip Kumar got married in October 1966; Dilip Kumar passed away in July 2021.

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