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Twinkle Khanna wears many hats, from being a wife, entrepreneur, and author to taking on the role of an interviewer. However, one of her most important roles is that of a mother to her two children. In a recent column for The Times Of India, Twinkle candidly expressed her frustration at watching her son, Aarav Kumar, transition into adulthood and how she now grapples with feeling “useless” as he requires space and boundaries.

In her column, Twinkle recounted a moment that made her realise her son had grown up. A call from a health insurance agent inquiring about her health insurance policy and her 21-year-old son Aarav’s doctor visits. She was taken aback by the agent when he refused to share the information about Aarav due to his status as an adult, emphasising his privacy.

Coming from an Indian family where the concept of privacy between parents and children might seem unfamiliar, Twinkle decided to reach out to Aarav, requesting his password to his account. However, his immediate response was a firm refusal, stating, “I am not giving you my password. I am 21, not 12; I can handle my own things.”

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Surprised by her son’s independence, Twinkle sought advice from her husband, Akshay Kumar, who tried to reassure her by highlighting her responsibilities toward their younger daughter, Nitara, and her demanding work schedule. However, it was Twinkle’s mother, veteran actor Dimple Kapadia, who provided her with a valuable perspective. Dimple cited an example from a red carpet event, where she tried to fix Twinkle’s hair, but Twinkle declined her help, asserting that she can do it herself. Dimple reminded her daughter of the words she had once shared told her mother. Dimple said to Twinkle, “Weren’t you the one who once told me that unsolicited advice is just interference.”

Twinkle ended her column by stating that she took her own advice to heart and decided to embrace this new phase of her son’s life and learn to let go. She emphasised the importance of parents transitioning into the role of friends rather than hovering over their adult children, as these young adults need supportive friends more than overbearing parents.

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On September 15, the author celebrated Aarav’s birthday. She penned a beautiful note for him that read as, “All of 21 and technically a grown man! Raising a child is a bit like building a house and designing each room. You do the best you can, and finally, it’s time to hand over the house to its rightful owner who will rearrange the furniture the way they like and pay the bills as well:) Happy birthday my son, and may your unfailing kindness continue bringing a smile to everyone who knows you.”


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