Buffalo swallows gold mangalsutra worth Rs 1.5 lakh, find out how doctors retrieved it | Mumbai News

A buffalo that swallowed a 25-gram gold mangalsutra, worth over Rs 1.5 lakh, mixed with fodder in Maharashtra’s Washim underwent a two-hour surgery involving 60 stitches to retrieve it.

A health official said the incident occurred in the Sarsi village at the residence of a farmer, Ramhari Bhoir, who grows soyabean in his field and owns a buffalo. Last Wednesday, his wife Geeta cleaned the soyabean he had brought and kept the husks in a bowl, intending to give it to the buffalo. However, she also kept her necklace worn as a marker of marriage in the same bowl before taking a bath.

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The next day, she fed the buffalo with soybean husks in the same bowl, and the buffalo swallowed the mangalsutra as well. Later, when she could not find her mangalsutra, she suspected someone must have taken it but could not zero in on anyone. Later, she realised she had kept it in the same bowl in which the buffalo was given soybean. When she checked the bowl, the mangalsutra was missing.

Worried about the mangalsutra and the health consequences on the animal, the family approached a veterinarian. Later, they approached local health officials in Washim who used a metal detector to confirm the presence of the gold mangalsutra in the buffalo’s stomach. They did a sonography to track the exact location of the mangalsutra and told the family that the buffalo needed to undergo surgery.

Dr Balasaheb Kondane, a health official from Washim, said the next day, a two-hour-long surgery was performed on the buffalo, and it had to undergo 60-65 stitches. The health officials retrieved the mangalsutra from the buffalo, and the animal is said to be doing well under observation.

Kondane said, “We request people to be careful while feeding fodder to animals and ensure that nothing else is present in it.”

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